MUST-GO Places in Japan

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Sakura Drive
Enjoy cherry blossoms and rape blossoms on a rickshaw ride with furry kids.
Enjoy the powerful Mt. Fuji and spring flowers with furry kids.
Doll's Festival
Enchanted by the beauty of Japan's unique March Doll Festival decorations.
Wind Chimes
The fantastic scenery and the sound of hundreds of wind chimes will soothe you.
Never miss Kyoto. Enjoy numerous histrical places with furry kids.



TOKYO & MT.FUJI with Furry Kids shoud be pawsome ever!

TOKYO and Mt.Fuji are the first TWO MUST-GO places in Japan with your furry kids.

Tsukiji Fish Market  (Dogs are allowed at Outer Market) 

Asakusa- Spiritual ambiance of Sensoji Temple, shopping traditional crafts, snacks, and trinkets on Nakamise-dori Str a colorful 250-meter shopping avenue

Rent a Kimono

dinner at a dog friendly restaurant in Asakusa-Okonomi-yakki (Japanese pancake)


Head out for an ealry morning walk and relux in the Bayside park in Yokohama

Lunch at China Town

Kimono Photo Session with Dog Photograper

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Japanese Cooking Lesson & Lunch

Tea Celemony experience

The Owakudani Volcanic Steam Zone

Hakone Shrine where a path leads from the torii gate in Lake Ashinoko up a series of steps to the main building of the shrine.

Hakone Sekisho Check point


Arakurayama Sengen Park:  Spectacular views of Mt. Fuji, cherry blossoms and crimson pagoda
Oshino Hakkai: Eight ponds in a small village in Oshino

Beautiful Mt. Fuji view from Lake Kawaguchi

Fujimi Panoramic Park

Shuzen Temple and a pleasant path winding through a bamboo grove 

Shopping Area of your choice


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Never miss Kyoto. Enjoy numerous histrical places with furry kids.
Never miss out on KYOTO & OSAKA

There are so many places you can visit with your dog in Kyoto and Osaka.


Kuromon Market, enjoy the atmosphere of a lively market at a public market that has continued since the Edo period.

Dotonbori, the heart of Osaka with The heart of with theaters, restaurants, cafes, bars, and arcades.

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Take a walk in Osaka Castle Park with furry kids


Nanzen-ji Temple, popular for the massive main gate, is especially atmospheric in the early morning. 

Suirokaku next to Nanzenji, beautiful photo spot for furry kids and you.

Lunch at “Yudofu” restaurant

Byōdō-in, a Buddhist temple built in the late Heian period. Take a walk with your dog.


Breakfast at Japanese style cafe at Arashiyama

Togetsu Bridge
Bamboo path

Kifune Shrine The stairs to the main shrine are lined with beautiful red lanterns

Kurama Temple

Gion, a famous Geisha street and Ponto cho, a famous restaurant street.



Ichinenzaka, Ninenzaka, and Sannenzazzka, the old cobblestone streets since ancient times, lined with historic Japanese-style buildings that typify Kyoto, even including many souvenir shops.


Horyuji Temple,  the world’s oldest surviving wooden structures.
Dog friendly temple (in a carry bag or hold)

Nara Park (Nara Deer Park)

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